how to get entry level it jobs California after doing the art courses?

If you are not from the IT background then it’s fine to know about your past study if you have courage to gain your technical education from the online platform you can join the line of it field.
how to get a job in the IT field

entry level it jobs California
entry level it jobs California

Best platform where you can study about your interest

i think Udemy , coursera , both of all good platform where you can do any kind of certificate and get your job now .

best course certificate enter in IT SECTOR

you can do angular , react , python , javascripts , c++ etc but according to me at present digital marketing is best.

how can i enter in the internet world ?

i have done BA from my local city and i can’t do any kind of technical courses but i want to join the IT sector so i decide to enter in the zone of information technology.

digital marketing is the best option to start an online work or it work it your home today. our nation or country developed today.

how to get a job in the IT field

you can start at your home as a web developer and you don’t need to start courses anywhere go to youtube and learn it .

best option to start blogging today you never need to find any courses and anything else on behalf of education. so i am doing blogging.

according to Alexa data in the last year digital marketer would be double now, we have a life carrier in this field.

how to get a job in the IT field here is best

1. Full Stack Developer & Software Developer

2. Data Scientist

3. Salesforce Engineer

4. Management Consultant

5. Chartered Accountant

6. Startup Founder

7. Technical Writer

8. Counseling psychologists

9. Investment Banker

10. Marketing Manager

11. Graphic Designer

firstly i just want to share only one thing g you can target any field if you have knowledge so don’t judge yourself you will be applicable all of the way.

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