New technologies for the neighborhood electric vehicle…

The new technologies for the electric vehicle are the need of the time, for now, and near future. Why? because we have polluted the mother earth environment to an unimaginable level. the COVID-19 lockdown period had already shown that without human interference, nature replenishes and rejuvenates itself in a better way.

Therefore, we need to find out the innovative and best technologies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. New technologies for an electric vehicle are being invented for a more safe environment. Here we discuss such new technologies that are changing the present and future of our transport system.

Emerging technologies for the neighborhood electric vehicle :

The electric vehicle is run by the charged batteries that are why the technology for the batteries should be more advanced. Electric cars were being used before the 1920s in the USA but disappeared after that because of the same reason, low powered batteries.

Presently, we have improved our technologies for more power batteries and battery backups.

neighborhood electric vehicle
neighborhood electric vehicle

Lithium Ion batteries:

LIB is the most advanced batteries used in neighborhood electric vehicle nowadays and will dominate in the next decades too. Nissan and Tesla are the big manufacturers of LIB and installing them in their electric cars or bikes.

But there are various cases of catching up of fire by overheating, neighborhood electric vehiclecompanies used more safety measures for overheating and for avoiding fire a cooling mechanism is used. all this makes the LIB more expensive.

Solid State Batteries:

these batteries are using solid components that are why safer as compare to LIBs, more lifetime and don’t require bulky and expensive cooling mechanism makes it’s lighter.

General Motors, Volkswagen, Toyota are making investment in SSBs for theirneighborhood electric vehicle

Aluminium-Ion batteries, Lithium Sulphur batteries, Metal air batteries etc. are some of the latest technologies in the batteries field for powering electric vehicles.

Emerging technologies for the electric vehicle Motors:

the most advanced motor used for electric vehicle id Brushless DC motor, BLDC. BLDC motor is also known as Electronically Commuted Motor (ECM) or Synchronous DC motor. According to the Global Industry Report, 2027, the growth of the BLDC motor market is expected to grow at CAGR of 6.6 % from 2020 to 2027 (forecast period).

It was valued USD 16.3 billion in 2019. Due to various advantages of BLDC motor over conventional motor like great operational efficiency, energy-saving, worked on extreme temperature, low maintenance, at the same time reliability with economical suitability; lead the expectation of market growth.

neighborhood electric vehicle

Improved features of BLDC motor:

The major contributing factors of BLDC motors which helped it to penetrate in the market are it reduced size, higher speed range, lower noise generation and enhanced temperature attributes. It offers high efficiency and improved controllability which make nit to deploy in multiple applications.

BLDC provides sensorless control and improves reliability and durability, which further reduce electrical connection and mechanical misalignment, size and weight of the product.  This further increased the chances for growth in the market in the forecast period.

The increased adoption of Electric Vehicle:

The preference to adopt neighborhood electric vehicle throughout the world, over petrol or diesel vehicles, pushes the demand for BLDC motor in the market. Various governments prefer an electric vehicle to solve their problems like dependency on oil, air pollution or global warming.

Therefore, these governments have been implementing the policies for more and more production and adoption of the electric vehicle. According to IEA, China is going to share 50% of passenger electric vehicle market by 2025. Additionally, the developed world like the USA and Europe are trying to decarbonize their society to deal with environmental issues. This further pushes the dependency on environmental-friendly technologies like neighborhood electric vehicle…

In neighborhood electric vehicle like cars, are operated by battery power and require energy-efficient motors for improved charging speed and low energy consumption. That is why, manufactures prefer BLDC motors because of their high efficiency, low maintenance, working on extreme temperatures, quick response and high operational speed.

The BLDC motors are 80 to 90 % more efficient than a conventional motor.

  • Increased demand of HVAC systems:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are the main requirements for the modern                   

Infrastructure like shopping malls, corporate offices or banks etc. The system ensures the right temperature and air quality in buildings. The BLDC motors are largely used in the HVAC system.

The growth in infrastructure will lead to the growth in the HVAC system and simultaneously BLDC motors because of its high efficiency in the airflow system and maximize their life and power.

The Asian countries like China, India and Indonesia are expanding their infrastructure projects and invested in nearly USD 200 billion, USD 411 billion and USD 124 billion respectively, by 2020. According to the US department of energy, they are expecting 10%  more demand for HVAC systems, which automatically raises the demand for the BLDC motors.

This will further give rise to BLDC motor market growth.

  • Increased digitization of data and automation:

The growth in digitization of data, automation in machines and improved consumer electronics are driving the industries to invest in innovative technologies for sound utilization of resources. The consumer electronics require electric motors for converting electric energy into mechanical energy.

Automatics electronics require a continuous power supply for their operation. They are using batteries and BLDC is used for low energy consumption and continuous operation.

Brushless DC motor is used in various office equipment and home appliances like printers, fax machines and copiers, vacuum cleaners, DVD players, air purifiers, used in computers and servers for cooling fans and hard disk drives etc.

It is used widely in medical equipment such as membrane pump, dental instruments, anaesthesia ventilators and breathing system pumps etc.

Asia Pacific region is expected to be the largest market for such industries like neighborhood electric vehicle and medical equipment by 2025.

  • Advanced Industrial and Aerospace applications:

The automation in industrial equipment like robots and equipment in the aerospace field, require the most efficient motors in terms of reliability and durability. BLDC is used in various industrial applications like milling, grinding and drilling and in different machines like CNC machine.

The newly developing countries in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America, Middle  East and Africa are increasing their industrialization and expected to make a boost in BLDC motors demand by 2027.

Advancement in the aerospace field in China, India and other developing countries are expected to grow the BLDC motor market in the region. Asia Pacific region is expected to see the highest CAGR of 5% or over in near future.

There are some challenges too; those have to be considered with the Brushless DC motor market growth and opportunities.

  • COVID-19 outbreak:

The outbreak of COVID-19 in November 2019, affected over 100 countries throughout the globe. It was declared a health emergency by WHO which brought the world at a standstill. It brought an unprecedented impact on the industries and business.

It directly affected the production, consumption, supply chain and market disruption. As the production in various countries has stopped completely.

The manufacturing of BLDC motors is affected too and this further affects its market growth in 2020 and might be in 2021. Therefore it is going to affect the expected growth in the forecast period.

  • Higher cost of BLDC motor:

When it comes to the price the BLDC motors are costlier than conventional brush motors.

Since BLDC motors are using electric controllers to ensure their smooth operation.

For example, if it is used in Electric Bicycle those are using BLDC motors due to its compact size and high efficiency. It’s the major drawback for BLDC motor since it is using expensive permanent magnets.

And the uncertainty in the price of permanent magnet leads to the commercial risk of the product. Therefore the vehicle with no permanent magnet motors would reduce cost and commercial risk.

The same scenario applies to other small vehicle and instruments too. Consequently, the higher cost and commercial risk act as the restrain for the growth of the BLDC motor Market.

  • Easy availability of low quality and inexpensive BLDC motor:

The BLDC market had been divided in to local and international quality players. The quality of the motor is the basis for the differentiation here. The organized sector targets industrial buyers, offers high quality and expensive BLDC motor. Whereas the unorganized sector provides the alternative of it i.e. the low quality and cheap BLDC motor just to tap the potential of local market.

 The local manufacturer targets the unorganized sector and compete strongly in local market. The unorganized sector’s BLDC motor poses a great competition to the organized sector in international and local market.

This acts as the great threat to the high quality BLDC motor growth in market.

neighborhood electric vehicle

These new innovative Technologies for the electric vehicles. defines its present and future.

Recently, Volocopter company launched its air taxi driven by electric batteries. it can uplift the weight up to 200kg, this shows new technologies made it so much lighter to fly with batteries.

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