Human’s future with artificial intelligence robot toy

Human is the most advanced creature on earth, who has been inventing technologies for his/her security, comfort and better future. artificial intelligence robot toy AI, is one of his/her inventions that has been in the progressing stage since the 1950s. Should we blindly believe that AI will do only good things in our life or it limits the foremost essence of human, the exercise of free will?

Recently, the owner of Neuralink Corporation, Elon Musk, presented his new research on a pig, named Gertrude, implanted with as chip device in its brain. The chip is called Link that connected to the brain via wires.

Here we need to understand the reality either we are controlling AI or AI controlling us and our choices.

What is artificial intelligence robot toy:

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science dealing with building smart machines. The smart machine that requires human-like intelligence and could make millions of permutations and combinations faster than the human brain.

AI is a combination of algorithms and intelligence which try to follow as per human intelligence. It deals with machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid robot

Some examples of AI:

  • Apple’s assistant Siri, Amazon’s Alexa etc. these are smart assistants
  • The Robots, humanoid robots like Sofia
  • Drones
  • Social media network monitoring
  • Conversational machine for stock market and advice
  • Mapping and prediction tool for diseases
  • fiends suggestions, songs and movies recommendation on social media
  • Shopping items suggestion or healthcare treatment tracking and recommendation

Simple Classification of AI:

For a simple understanding, 3 types of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence, (ANI) or weak AI
  • Artificial General Intelligence, (AGI) or stronger AI
  • Artificial Super Intelligence, ASI

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, ANI, is all around us today. It performs the specific task and experienced a successful breakthrough up till now. Like weather mapping, collecting data for a recommendation or for some operation like driverless cars or planes or trains.

They are designed to perform a single task as they require a specific data set. Therefore they do not perform outside that area. Examples of ANI:

  • Google Search
  • Smart Assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Self-driving cars, planes or trains
  • Image and voice recognition software. etc..

Why ANI is called WEAK?

The ANI seems not to be a weak intelligence as they have mostly all the answers and solution to our problems in the data processing. But it is week because it will not work on emotions, sentiments and consciousness as a human does.

It performs its task as per specific data set. That is why Siri can give you the exact answer for the weather forecast. It translates the language and searches into the search engine give you answers. But it can not answer some questions like how to approach a personal problem or how to live life, then she would give you abstract answers or provide you some links to click on.

General Artificial Intelligence, AGI, or strong AI, when a machine thinks and act like human intelligence. It will consider back data or decisions as per situations and take a decision as human do. This is just like AI we see in sci-fi movies like Upgrade, Alie in Netflix series The 100, Her etc., where machine interact with human and act according to emotions and consciousnesses.

This is the next level of the AI. Currently, it is hard to say that a machine will work or take decisions, strategize the things and come up with a creative idea or plan, as per human intelligence. It is hard to make a machine to integrate prior knowledge for making decisions, be innovative or creative or imaginative.

General Super Intelligence, ASI, is the uppermost level of AI, which will surpass human intelligence in creativity, decision making, problem-solving. It could side the human and take decisions for earth, environment or for the human race. This level of intelligence is a concern for many throughout the world.

This is what I talked about earlier in the article that is Elon Musk’s pig with a chip device.

Elon Musk’s pig with a chip device:

AI could be Unidirectional – it takes commands from human and works according to the prespecified codes and data. like Alexa or Siri, another brain implants those support the activity of brain.

AI could be Bidirectional – here the interaction is bidirectional the implanted device could communicate back to human.

Like Elon Musk’s chip device Called Link. It is connected to the brain through wires and could affect the thinking and decision making of human brain. Though, they didn’t represent any data to show the response of chip device.

Artificial Intelligence working areas

Advantages of artificial intelligence robot toy:

AI has been proved very successful and made human life more easy, secure and comfortable in the fields of medical, technology, space, communication, robotics, entertainment, social media etc. in last decade. some benefits of AI:

  • AI is able to process data, the permutation and combination task with very Fast speed and accuracy than a human.
  • IBM’s Watson is an AI system that assists the doctors for the data-driven decision, making the healthcare sector more efficient.
  • AI can handle the boring and repetitive tasks with accuracy than a human.
  • It is not affected by the weather or environmental issues and able to work in mines and oil drilling, where human can’t work.
  • Robots are used as an assistant to doctors in contagious diseases like COVID.
  • AI is useful as drones where human can’t go like mapping hills, monitoring forest fire, acts as fire brigade in narrow streets.
  • Taking care of your choices by storing your previous data and order your pizza, only by asking Alexa.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

AI’ network is continuously tacking and storing your search on the internet and moves on social media. That is why if u search for any item like shoes for shopping then that item or related one is shown on your Facebook profile, Instagram, Youtube account etc. This is how AI define or limits our choices and stores our personal information.

Globalization by AI, technologically advanced countries used AI to develop their market in less developed countries. They see the more attractive culture, games, social media platform etc. and become more dependable on technologically advanced countries.

AI replacing the human in jobs and increases the unemployment.

The major concern about AI is who controls whom, human controls the AI or human choices and exercise of free will is controlled by AI.

Prof. Stephen Hawking warned that development of AI could spell the end of the human race. He said that human could evolve with slow biological evolution and will be superseded by Artificial Super Intelligence.

In his interview to BBC he said the more development in AI could sideline the human intelligence

By AI should be developed up to a level where it will make the medical, economical, technological and social life of human better and secure.

By implanting the chip devices in human brain is good till it is for proper functioning of brain of neurological patients. But not for experimenting the function of brain and its interaction with AI chip.

AI is good for human race until we would not give our brain control to a AI machine.

Presently, all the defence and strategic weapons like nuclear missiles, satellite, space stations are controlled by AI. Therefore, we should be careful about that an AI system would not become a decision-maker to end the whole world and Human Race.

In short, we can say, AI is a blessing for Human up till it is used to assist him/her and a curse when AI would control the human brain.

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