[ love] characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare in 2021

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare are the most profound in past, present and in future, throughout the world. Not even India but the western countries, those are considered as the most advanced are recognizing the Indian cultural values now. They come to know, the science behind the traditional followed by India.

In the cultural aspect, India is the most diverse country in the whole world. By crossing every boundary of Indian states you will find a new language, lifestyle, food, beliefs, clothing style, dance, music, architecture etc. The values are inherited from our rich cultural past. our ancestors delivered them to the next generations and adored them.

Celebrating different festival as per seasonal change

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare
characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

What do you think about why there are so many festivals in India throughout the year? it is not just to celebrate them anonymously but they have a very scientific reason behind every festival. From the Rigvedic time period, we used to worship nature, its forests, water, sun, moon, etc.

Our ancestors did not have any telescope or satellite to look into space, but they knew that there are planets with the earth revolving around the sun, and changing position of earth with the sun causes seasons changes. According to the seasons and weather they specify what, human body and mind needed.

Every festival is celebrated with worship or fast and dancing. That detoxes our mind and body and update us that now its time to change food and clothing for next season. Even the “Prasad” of any festival or Pooja is as per the season that is going to benefit our health, like Modak for Ganesh Chaturthi or Panchamrit for Krishan Janmashtmi or fasting and taking light food in Navratri.

Joint family culture rather than nuclear one

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare
characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

This is the most respectable concept of India to live and taking care of each other in joint families. That is because of fast and self-centred life, is crumbling day by day. The joint family system is the boon to transfer the basic traditional values and cultural beliefs to their younger generation by elders. Here grandparents and children of house share a strong and special bond with each other. They feel safer in the joint family system.

Nowadays, due to the influence of Western culture, people used to get apart from their roots and families, which further paves the way of the problems that grandparents and children suffer from i.e. loneliness, depression, old age homes and sexual abuse.

Namaste or Namsakar greeting of India

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare
characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

“Namaste or Namaskar” word derived from Sanskrit which means “I bow to you with respect“. This is how Indian greets their guests. Sanskrit is a very beautiful and scientific language which has a specific concept of every word that you could not find in English.

This shows the deep respect for guests and elders. In our traditions there is a belief that when touching somebody, there is energy flow between two persons, that might be positive or negative energies. therefore the greeting like Namaskar could avoid that energy flow instead transfers its positive vibrations and respect for the other person.

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

Presently, in the times of COVID-19 like situation when touching each other is prohibited, the Indian Namaste is being adopted by foreign countries too. The leaders of powerful countries like USA, Russia, France or Israel etc., are greeting their official guests with Namaste.

Indian Marriages and their rituals

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

Indian marriage has a unique concept which is called arranged marriages, where the elders of the house choose a suitable bride and groom. however, this custom is declining day by day because of the fast adoption of western culture in the name of modernisations.

Modernisation doesn’t mean to adopt other’s culture but to reform your own and its thought process. Like Raja Ram Mohan Rai and Swami Vivekanand who always adored and applauded the Indian culture as best all over the world.

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

However, Indian Marriages perform beautiful rituals before and after marriage. “Haldi” ceremony is for detoxing and cleansing of the body of bride and groom similarly the songs and laughter during ceremony detox their minds. “Mehndi” ceremony is a colourful one which is to welcome the beautiful colours of married life.

Elders and relative celebrate togetherness and blessed the bride and groom for happy married life at the same time give advice for a successful married life.

Diversity in Religion as Indian cultural values

India adores the very religious belief that is found in the world. Since India is secular country that means country does not have any particular religion. Here not only Hindu and Muslim practice their belief but Christian, Parsis, Buddhist, Jains, Jews also, without any fear and compulsion.

All citizens of India, are free to celebrate their culture, festivals, traditions and even free o spread them without hurting others sentiments and beliefs. While Hindus celebrate their Durga Pooja at the same time, Muslims celebrate their Mohrram peacefully.

Diverse Indian Food

characteristics of Indian culture Slideshare

Since India has diverse culture so as the diverse food according to every culture. Every festival, pooja, state, religion has its own unique food and flavour. Haryana is famous for its butter and milk, Punjab for its Makki ki roti sand Sarson ka saag., Gujrat for its dhokla, khakra and jalebi, Bihar for its litti and chokha, South India for sambhar, dosa, idli, rice, filter coffee etc.

This is how, the diversity of India culture is intact and flourished with our traditional values. These values are recognised and adopted by the rest of the world too now. like Indian Yoga for healthy body and mind, the satvik food and life close to nature are prominently adopted by other countries too.

Chief elements and salient features of Indian culture

we have chief elements in the Indian culture now a days we put the some ideas at unity in diversity it’s style in amazing addition to our traditional ever in India culture diversity .

salient features of Indian culture ppt

salient features of Indian culture ppt is the best point to present our country and our Indian culture with the users who need any guide from our nation . but we can also relate to the other people they also interested to know about the city and culture .

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