free SSL certificate

what is free ssl certificate ?

free ssl certificate is most important part of your website , if you did not select the anyone free ssl certificate so you must select certificate and you can get full secured your website now .

two type of ssl certificate
1. cloudflare free ssl certificate
2. third party create certificate

cloud flare-free SSL certificate is that certificate in this Cloudflare you can join Cloudflare easily and get paid free SSL certificate 0$/month for one year.

ssl connect with cloudflare
  • go to chrome browser type
  • sign up with google account
  • go to SSL free certificate join know

transfer your main domain into Cloudflare and Cloudflare DNS server then your old domain can’t work yet your latest domain run into domain .you want anything updates in your domain to go to Cloudflare DNS and get you any kind of update now.

benefits of Cloudflare , you can get easily process and fast your server now. anytime you change your DNS cname and anything else so you don’t wait for 24 hours and more time cloud flare also perfect to reset any setting if you want to change in your DNS.

cloud flare nameserver

don’t change any setting after connecting your domain nameserver with Cloudflare name server now join your Cloudflare name server with your initial domain. then you connected your website with your Cloudflare account now you don’t have any kind of change in your old domain . your domain transfer now on Cloudflare still you can any update on Cloudflare DNS server.

cloudflare connect with your hosting pannel plan now you can connect now hosting with your cloudflare acount. you can get your connection with your website now you can chack another my blog whose you can get more knowledge in my other cloudflare blog. then you get proper solutions

Cloudflare free SSL

this is the best way in Cloudflare for SSL free certificate because you don’t need to purchase any paid plan of SSL certificate. because society gives you best way to generate an SSL for free if you want not to change your domain to transfer into any other platform .so you need a certificate whose used you can get access from your hosting provider as well as you are a new blogger,. you don’t need more investment because if we have a way to get free access from the internet you can be the free part. according to me, it is not a good job it is the best way to use your mind sharpness it is ok to use a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

as far as i think you have free ssl and paid ssl both are equal for you and seo ,choose your best ways to being a blogger now

2. third party ssl maker

if you don’t want to transfer your domain into any other domain company any Cloudflare platform then you can create a free SSL certificate now. I am giving you the best 100% free SSL access now within 5 min if you are reading my lines and monitor my article. you don’t need to watch any kind of videos you can get only one mint access now

  • go to your google browser type ” ”
  • and open your free sign up get opened
  • create new certificate now

3 step only generate your free SSL certificate now

step #1 – enter your domain name and do next then you get your DNS address your DNS name cname and pointed address copy all your DNS server. go to your domain then you create there a DNS name-new line then paste all the settings there and go to update. it takes maybe some time to do updated then you go to next.

step #2- after that you get 3 options to choose only one email verficiation and dns verification and http files uploading

go for it

email verification is a process they send a verification link on your domain site email id but you maybe don’t’ purchase your domain with email id. then you cant choose email id address go to two-step then choose you dDNScreator copy your DNS address .then paste your main domain with cname it is easy to get verification for your domain.

step#3- HTTP files is easily process download your HTTP file and goto your main panel where you data saved there go to https HTML files then paste there you get the access but after getting your verification you can download your certificate on zip files

files upload

download certificate –

you can download your certificate now on your zip files then extract your file then you get three type of files

key bundle ,certificate ,private key now you get 3 step away from uploading your certificate .

go to hosting admin panel then go to SSL /tsl open then upload your certificate there write some description about it .then you generate your private key go to your pc then paste your key in the generate key for installed then install and get access your SSL certificate.

i hope i share all ssl problem now if anyone have any kind of help comments here i can solved your problem ..

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