google adsense make money in 2021 ?

google adsense make money is the advertising agency where you can get your website monetized and earn money easily with AdSense .

more than 2M people active account every month with google adsence company to earn money online. adsence is a very trusted company where you can earn money every month so it’s like a good job.adsence approval in 2021

how to apply for google adsense make money approved ?

when you are going to apply for adsence that time you just focus only two things only .

important note for approval, your domain must be old minimum 6 months, you put up to 30-40 articles on your website .

google adsense make money
google adsense make money

when I applied for adsence, my website was not only a single topic. i uploaded several topics like tech, medical, and reviews, and at all.

if you want to approve adsence with immidetely so you have to choose only single way to write articles and you can apply ,once you will approved i am sure with you . this is my website and i always upload any kind of topics it’s doesn’t matter what’s your topics only matter is you can’t upload copyright content on your website.adsence approval in 2021

google is very seriouly to take copyright content this is 2020 you can’t be smart againest the google it is worldwide company now .

how to maintain google Adsence make money on your website

this is the best deal most of people always maintained the adsence they do wrong with adsence then you lost their adsence they never get again adsence on their website . don’t fix the any other company ads on your website.

if you are using the another company ads then you have to fix the problems of hosting ads both companes on ypour website .

note point : –no more company is not good more then adsence so you don’t take any risk on your website if you get approved adsence just quick you left all of the companies who are providing the ads on your websites .

earning comparison with other ads company

adsence is only one company who give you maximum ads and payment adsence have good rpm and CPC all of the things is good to compare with other company

,don’t do these thing unless you will lost adsence

don’t click on your ads if you will click on your ads so you will lost your adsence because google said to take all of the things if all the people click on their ads and earn money it is not way to express the ads and you will never try to increase your traffic . you effort to get more traffic and google will hapy with your traffic than you will get payment from google adsence .

if you use very spams link on your website then you could be blocked by google and google away from spams link and content don’t use more spams on your website .

fix your txt files on your root domain

if you get any notification by google that you have to fix the problems so you just leave all of the things to go to the domain and your adsence account fix your adsence problems you will disable by google.

i hope you get all of the basic steps to save your adsence even then you have any kind of problem to approve your adsence and fix any problem i will help you immediately

be awared to take your adsence payment

when you complete your adsence limits then you take your payment from account . because there is no trust when you get lost your adsence tan you can’t access your payment from your account .

i share with you all adsence problems if you have any kind of problem in your adsence you contact me here i will help to you .

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