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how to maintain google speed test

google speed test
google speed testor

check your internet speed from google speed tester and you can monitor within 30 sec and get you to speed check truly and the speed test usually transfers less than 40 MB and my transfer more data on faster connections.

you will start testing and you will connect with the measurement lab and get check you all data properly and you got the ip share with them whose used then get you the test of the content tool.

how to start up
  • go to
  • and search google speed test
  • tap there run speed test

google partner also search this test and you can get this one easily and get upto 100% data of search engine


this is an easy process to get access of this test and it’s figures about the internet to take the test and it depends on your internet speed on your system but it takes around 4.4 MB enough and according to USA data it takes more than 9.4 MB data only don’t take to much

understand the speed test

the google speed tester is doing work only for download speed data and upload speed data and take another one latency and the best internet is that whose we get best download and upload speed and low latency all the things happen with your data it is the best part of your side and your tool which one you wish to monitor.

download speed : –

in the download speed case we must think about the things it is depending on the size of your file and in your files you have photos and you have files size and it a all the things depending on your size of pic and internet speed . and download speed is measured by Mbps .

uploading speed :-

uploading speed is how fast what the information you share outside and all the things depending on your content size files and photos and videos and we share all the things and it is depending on uploading and your area network speed only.

upload speed is measured in MBPS speed and you can use it for chake uploading timing .


this is the most important thing and we can get it when we are using the original apps and big apps then we get the slow server from the internet so we face it most don’t make it anything else it is not a problem of server it is the basic part of the internet and we can measure it ms.

Note: Currently, the test can measure connection speeds up to 700 Mbps. If you have a connection speed over 700 Mbps, your results could be lower than your actual connection.

Why your test results could vary

Your test results can change in a short time, and they could differ from other internet speed test results. Results can vary for many reasons, like:

Why your test results could vary

  • Changes in network conditions
  • Differences in where testing servers are located
  • Differences in testing methods

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