Google’s free Cloud Storage policy- changed?

Recently, Google has changed its Free Cloud Storage policy, now the point is, how it is going to impact our data storage. Now onwards user can’t store unlimited phots but he/she has to pay for using more space than 15GB. Company will also apply the same 15GB storage per account limit which is shared by its popular apps like Google drive or Gmail etc.

It will limit the space by June 1, 2021. Google offered the free space since 2015, and claims that it is offering more free space that is 15 GB is more than 5 GB what Apple is offering.

Once the User crossed the 15 GB limit he/ she has to pay Rs. 130 per month for a 100 GB data limit.

What is the Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the storage space for computer data, which is in digital in form. This is a logical pool called as “The Cloud”. Here data is not stored in your own device, but in a off site location.

You can access it through internet or a dedicated private network connection. Now it the responsibility of that third party who has provided you the storage space to protect your data like Google or Apple.

These Providers host, manage, secure and maintain the servers and related infrastructure to ensure the access of users to his/her data.

It delivers a cost effective alternative of storing files than in your device as the hard drive of computer can store only a finite data. When you run out of storage you need to rep[lace the hard drive with a new one or have to ass some external storage device. All these are physical devices and need to be placed and taken taken care of physically.

Cloud storage provides you a large scale of space to store your data and it taken care of by the storage space providers.

It may be a Public storage cloud or a Private storage cloud.

In public storage you will connect over internet to a storage cloud. But private storage cloud can be accessed by your network supported and maintained by your server.

There are mixed reaction of users on this news, some sees it as a betrayal to their users.

Twitters is flooded with betrayal reactions and memes on this news.

As per The Hindu newspaper, 80% users needs almost Three Years to exhaust their data limit 15 GB. Google said that is is very costly affair to handle, manage and maintain that much amount of data free of cost. company is not making any profit out of it that is wny this decision is taken.

Google Explains that the photo with 16MP are high quality and videos that are saved in their original form are considered to occupy the Google Account cloud storage.

Photos taken from smart phones and camera, will need extra storage space. If you are planning for making large Google Doc or want to use Google’s any online services than you need to go through the policies of company.

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