Homeschooling-the emerging trend of education

Homeschooling has become the new trend of education nowadays, where the primary and secondary education comes under it. Here children need not to go to school but to get their education while staying at home or other places not as formal school. It is company practised in USA, United Kingdome or in Europe and also trending in India too.

Besides this, online education is also flourishing because of the great demand of technology, online or digital marketing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc.

Therefore the old tradition of formal education is being challenged. Here we discuss how and why homeschooling is great for today’s children.

Home schooling for more practical career choice

While we focused on formal education at the primary and secondary level, the need for the mental makeup for higher education and career take a set back.

Homeschooling is preferred by parents for other learning and development of children.

In our education system in India we used to decide our subjects for further career growth after 10th standard but why not in our early or primary education. if we could do that then we have a very strong base for our future education and career growth.

Home schooling, the need of new technological era

Earlier we followed a strong formal structure of education. That formal education used to change as per the requirement of the day, but it is still following the trend with some reforms are not enough for today’s changing technology.

Nowadays technology is changing day by day and demands the new brains and skills for advancement. Like digital marketing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc. need some other skill that a formal education system doesn’t support in the important years of schooling.

How home schooling is possible

Since following the formal education, its very impossible for children to concentrate on what they want to in their future career. that is why homeschooling is an opportunity for such children who want to do so like sports, coding, animation, digital marketing etc.

In many western countries, the homeschooling has a legal stature. Presently, in India, it is a growing trend as some parents don’t satisfy with the education system, methods of teaching of schools, sky rising school fees etc.

For homeschooling, there are various methods and ways of learning. They follow the international norms and fit into the individual needs of students’ learning. In India, one can go for following homeschooling methods:

  • Montessori method
  • Unschooling
  • Radical unschooling
  • Waldorf education
  • Traditional schooling at home
  • Many homeschoolers follow formal schooling by CBSE, NIOS and IGCSE.

There are various online support groups available not only support big city homeschooling but small town too. They are:

  • Montessori worldwide school
  • Pune homeschoolers
  • Swashikshan-Indian association of homeschoolers
  • Alternative education India
  • Cascade family learning society in Chennai

In Maharashtra, the government of state launched “Open SSC Board” in January 10, 2019. this facilitated the homeschooler children from class 5 to class12. this is an opportunity for children with special needs, athletes, artists or nay one who wants to continue his/her studies while pursuing their other interests.

Success stories of homeschoolers

Many homeschoolers in India get the opportunity to be part of IITs and IIMs of India. Not only in India they get admission and scholarship in foreign renowned universities.

Education entrepreneur, founder of “Career Launcher”, entrance coaching platform, Satya Narayan R. is a homechooler.

Malvika from Delhi got admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University in Cambridge.

15 students from Mumbai got admission in MIT in 2016.

A girl from Chennai whose mother is working for NGO for cancer patients chose homeschooling for her daughter, who topped in Olympiad educational competition and got admission in Germany.

There are many more examples of homeschoolers who achieve successful career in their life with some extra learnings as per their interests.

Around 15000 families in India are actively choosing homeschooling over conventional schooling for their children. They are trying to help their children their basic traditional values, ethics and explore their interests in extracurricular activities.

Mostly people think that homeschooling is adopted by weak students who don’t cope with formal education system or advanced technologies. but they are wrong, the schooling should be the choice of child who wants to study in school or at home.

If we forced him/her into a system in which they are not feeling happy and their personal growth and development is not possible.

It might be possible a child is good at sports or arts, then why should he/she will be compelled to choose school over their interests.

Many studies show that homeschooled children perform better in entrance test or any competitive exams like Olympiad.

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