How to make money with google adsense on facebook

I am giving you best tips what does AdSense mean and how am i earn money from the google AdSense I will give you proper tips regarding about AdSense .

adsence account create

AdSense is the company of google who give you money when you will release on your website as banner .you can go to google adsence account and create a account follow the steps of google adsence .

copy your code and go the website html code then paste in your header.php and update it then after two days later you will get your account accepted or rejected .

adsence on youtube

you can create a account for your youtube channel but this is manual way to approved and apply for adsence for youtube .

you go to YouTube AdSense setting then you face some things you will complete then you got your AdSense account .

policy for YouTube

you complete your policy of YouTube complete your 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers on YouTube then you will automatically approved AdSense on your channel on YouTube now .

what is Facebook AdSense ?

Facebook AdSense is the process where you will get the full of support for monetization but we can say in other words Facebook partner programs , Facebook don’t have any program for websites but they also providing good amounts in apps now a days .

most of the cases we can monetize with the Facebook partner program now . all about the feathers I have done with it .

adsence on wordpress

if you have wordpress site then this is the best way to approved your adsence now you can follow the some of steps then you will get the approved adsence now i got it with in 2 days in my first time .

focus on some of the basics things then you will get 100 % approved from google adsence .

  • your domain must have the good authority of domains by google planner
  • choose your best theme just like generate plus because this is a very lite weight theme and I also used it then i got AdSense from it .
  • sitemap, you focus on your website sitemap this more important thing at this time you must consider it.
  • terms and conditions, you generate your terms and conditions and attached the link on your website you can generate your terms and conditions from small SEO tool .com
  • the privacy policy is another important part now you generate it.

adsence on blogger

blogger is another platform where you have ever you have a free domain website but it is not easy to approved adsence for bloggers because the blogger has not the best authority as well as wordpress .

most of people also approved for blogger and here you can get AdSense but you must have good traffic and good topics content you will definitely create a good AdSense account .

focus on your one-way content and don’t select multi topics website .because google given easily approved for multi topics websites but now you chooser you topics you consider as well as the privacy policy of WordPress you will be approved google adsence.

adsence forum

google AdSense forum is the basic connecting place where you can connect the costumer who help you to solved the problems and you will consider it easily your problems .

AdSense revenue calculator

you have a balance in your calculator , if you have more then $100 then you can withdrawal it easily now .

AdSense minimum payout

if you are not achieve $100 in your month then you can’t withdrawal your payment without complete your $100 now .

adsense not showing ads

just check your ads companies if you have an alternative company like AdSense soven ,adstera etc you can access both companies but before host your ads you can ads.txt files on your hosting cpannel and upload your files then you will get the access your both of them companies .

adsense highest paying keywords

if you have a money making and passive income sites then you then your ads cpc very high .

best topics for ads paying keywords

  • insurance
  • policy
  • loan
  • computer
  • reviews
  • immigration policy
  • feedback
  • food and cooking
  • company meeting

I got AdSense approval within 2 days if you want to approve your just contact us we will review your website will consider your problems then you will approve your AdSense account.

How to make money with google adsense on facebook
How to make money with google adsense on facebook

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