what should you buy IRCTC share price?

IRCTC share price is the best stock to purchase now because you can but it as now because if you will purchase it now you will get good amount of profit from here . IRCTC share price is now in trending and you can get good future in this stock price .

Is it right time to buy IRCTC share?

the bullish momentum is to buying the IRCTC share price now but if if you will get 3300 – 3100 share it will be good but you can get good moments but if you will get 2700 around share price at that time you can get the good place to buy price now .

Who is owner of Irctc?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is under the ownership of Indian Railways , Ministry of Railways , Government of India .

Is Irctc giving dividend?

some of governments news released in march 2021 that the railways going to be private and divided but that news was very sensitive for all of the governments but icrtc also going to be private those days .

new governments want to do private everything and apply all of the thing is very simple with private sources .

What is the future of IRCTC stock?

according to the experts and stock companies if you will buy the shares with in 5000 price but you will wait for a long time and you will going to sell out your shares in 2026 than you will get up to 29000 share price you can say it will up to 300% in their stock irctc price .

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