I need a junior web designer job description exactly like this?

hello I need a website for my company and I want to do my best with this company website so i am sharing this feed with you immediately and I want to hire some of the freelancers for this website.

follow : terms and conditions of this project

actully i can’t share with you whatever i need right now and i can share here and you can read also when you will be free to work with me .

if you can work with me as a web developer and designer i will hire you as soon as possible so let me share with you about the web now :

website : about

this website will be created for a software marketing company and you will design for software marketing and website should be great design and well handy and google editor’s choice.

design for the web

my header should be animated and flicker type also header colors will be mention in the project pdf so the header will be full details and the sidebar and navigation bar included also.

my header should be like this Accenture website also you can do it you can continue .

footer should bein series and where i can know about the company and contact and sitemap , all should be the correct and official process .

I need in my web testimonial where I can reflect my company feeds and can give solutions to whatever I achieve in my life also .

website must be designed by HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT , also if you design on these platform plese do it.

if you will do all of the things i will pay you whatever i show on the pages of freelancing website .

i am a full-time project taker from the big companies and business persons, i will share it with you because I just only hiring for the company process only.

if you are interested now you can contact me on my mail id I will share with your the payment process and I will share with you 20% in advance and after completed I will do complete your payment.

info: [email protected]

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