Paytm IPO date launched – check issue date, price, lots size, and details?

Paytm IPO will be launched on 8 Nov 2021 – 10 Nov 2021 this is a bidding detail about the IPO of the Paytm now you can Paytm IPO date launched n try to purchase in Paytm because Paytm is the fastest-growing IPO company in India.

About PayTm business network

Paytm is a financial service firm that offers various services like recharge, investment, and managing all of the e-commercial business networks so I am just saying about the Paytm business network now.


Paytm is the most useful online payment gateway in the whole of India and this is high demanded Paytm scale group in India now you can manage all of the groups today network.

India is the most useful payment gateway in India, most demanding, Awarded In many terms and conditions in worldwide zone.

the vision of Paytm IPO date launched ?

Paytm is a very successful group in India and Paytm investors include Softbank, ant financial, AGH holding, said partner, Berkshire Hathaway, t Rowe price, and discovery capital.

during the second week of June 2021, Paytm sought shareholders’ approval to sell new shares worth Rs 1200 crores in the IPO.

Paytm business IPO details

IPO will be released from 8 Nov 2021 to 9 Nov 2021 and you can buy this allotment on a Price Range of ₹ 2080 – 2150 you can book a minimum of 6 allotments for Paytm it will be worth up to 12480 for this allotment today.

paytm allotment status

₹ 2080 – 2150 Minimum Investment

 Minimum Quantity – 6

 Open date
8 Nov 2021 

 Close date
10 Nov 2021 

Application Timings
10 am to 5 pm

How to Apply for IPOs on Paytm money ?

step -1

you need to do complete your KYC details and have a Demat account for your finding shares now you can do fill in the further details about your bids, price, and quantity all will be properly summited in your Paytm business then you can continue for the next steps.


accept the block funds from UPI and access the further steps to find the allotment with very easy steps where you can get your IPO now.

Paytm initiative IPO details

You will immediately get a fund block request on your UPI for the submitted IPO application.

The funds will be blocked in your bank account until allotment when it is debited.

The limit for IPO application is Rs 2 lakh per transaction on UPI.

On allotment of the shares, the money will be automatically debited.

If the share isn’t allotted the blocked funds will reflect back into your account.

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