FREE pushbullet alternative for(IOS/Andriod) in 2021.

10 Best free pushbullet alternative

  • MightyText
  • AirDroid best for andriod in the List
  • Crono
  • Your Phone
  • Snap Drop Best for sharing files ( IOS, Mac)
  • Yappy
  • Pushline
  • KDE Connect pushbullet alternative for Linux
  • EasyJoin


It allows you to make calls, Transfering files, check notification, replies messages and Call Log. But the unique feature is a mirror screen through which you can share the screen of your mobile screen.

It is the best pushbullet alternative for iOS, also available on multiple platforms.

Availability – Andriod, Windows, IOS, Mac

2. Mighty Text : mightytext iphone alternative

It is one of the best push bullet alternatives for android, through which you can do all the tasks from your PC to a smartphone—like SMS, Making phone and Video call, uninstalling the app, displaying all phone notifications, schedule messages and much more.

Pro Version is also available, but their free version is enough. You can send 500 text messages a month.

If you are an android and Windows user and searching for an alternative, you should need to use it.


pushbullet alternative for android

If you are only looking for a Notification mirror, then Crono provides a better experience even better Mighty Text. You can get all the notification from your smartphone to PC with a better dashboard Experience.

It is specially built for Notification mirror you can reply to WhatsApp messages, Instagram, all SMS System and the best thing about it is you can share clipboard of your Phone to Computer and all the thing is an end to end encrypted which makes your work secure.

You will get 24,00 notifications with their FREE Plan and Push bullet, providing 100 notifications only so that Crono will be a good replacement for Push bullet.

Availability – Android, Linux and Mac

4. Your Phone

It is the brand new software for Windows built by Microsoft through which you can control messages, Microsoft edge, skype and view gallery photos. Just install software on windows and Mobile.

Availability – Windows

5. Snap Drop 

If you want to share big files easily and fast, you can try snap drop, No need to install any app. Just create an account. Connect both Pc and Mobile with the same wifi network, Open Snap drop and start sharing files.

You can share multiples files in one go quickly and fast if you are looking for a file-sharing app, so It is the best on the List.

Availability – Chrome, Windows, Firefox, IOS, Linux


It is also a good alternative to pushbullet, which allow you to send messages, Pick calls. Yappy is best for their notification, but there is no limit like Crono you can send unlimited messages from your Computer. Use it if you get too many messages and notifications.


Pushline works similar to pushbullet. You can pick calls, send messages and more. Just install an app on the Phone and download the extension on Pc.

And start mirroring your work.

Send me anywhere. It allows You to send messages, but you can share heavy and multiples file from your smartphone to PC.

And It’s an excellent Pushbullet alternative for IOS because it is available in every platform like Andriod, IOS, Mac and Windows

8.KDE Connect : better than pushbullet

Push bullet is not completable for Linux, which is bad news for Linux users, but It’s the best Free alternative to pushbullet for Linux.

You can easily connect with youPhonene and do multiple tasks like sharing files, access notifications, see phone calls, reply messages and media playback etc.

KDE Connect is a very Powerful app for Linux. You should need to try it

Availability – Linux

9. EasyJoin

If app design does not matter for you, you need to try. It provides more features than PushBullet like reply messages, marks read and snooze, voice calls, transfers files, setting alarms, and clipboard.

And some more features for totally free. Some apps will not provide it even in their paid plan. You will get all these features free.

Availability – Android, window, mac and Linux

Is there any Better app then Pushbullet?

Yes Airdroid is a better option then Pushbullet, It allows you to make calls, Transferring files, check notification, replies messages and Call Log. But the unique feature is a mirror screen through which you can share the screen of your mobile screen.

pushbullet alternative for ios

You can try Airdroid It’s a best option for ios. It provides features like Calls, Reply Messages, File Transfer and more for FREE

Is Pushbullet free?

No it’s only provide some limited feature in Free plan then you need to upgrade it for Five Dollars per month.

does pushbullet work with iphone

Yes It’s also work in iPhone and iPad which can easily do all tasks

pushbullet alternative for pc

Your Phone is newly developed by Microsoft only for pc which you can easily connect with Microsoft account

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