what is the better option to settle in the USA or India?

let me give settle in the USA or India an unbiased idea about living in India or the USA.

Immigration and the U.S. Economy – Health & Safety Programs

The average income in the USA is around 5900 USA dollars, which is multiple times higher than in India. The USA is the future of the living world so if you want to settle in the USA you can come to the USA and settle your future today.

but I can recommend to you USA is higher than India but all of the Indians want to settle in the USA and want to grow the life in a professional level.

How much money do you need to settle in USA?

becoming a USA permanent citizenship person you have to earn between 4000$ – 11000$ every month. you want to obtain the citizenship of USA you have complete and you can take green cared from the USA government.

Is USA cheaper than India?

a survey found Indian to be the least expensive, developing countries typically have higher inflation rates than advanced ones.

easy to settle in India more than the USA because you don’t have any more earning sources to settle in the USA. if you are looking forward to comparing both of expenses, the USA is bigger than India.

Can I move to USA without a job?

yes, you can do it if you want to go to the USA then want to start your life living in the USA you have to obtain the EB-5 VISA.

properties of EB VISA – 5 you want to go the USA and start a business there you have to invest minimum 500000$ to start a business there such USA workers can get the work in your company if you can not do it . you don’t have any kind of visa to get a job there and work or there .

at present times, this is not easy to get a job or work in the USA so you have to get a visa from the USA

any other foreign people can settle in the India ?

yes anyone can settle in India so if you want to settle in India there is no harder to get a job and citizenship in India you have to complete work time in India minimum of 5 years then you can get a visa for living in Indian.

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