what is payday loan in kotak mahindra bank

Pay day loan is the instant loan amount on the saving and current account if you want to loan on your bank account you can get loan 50% of your current salary yet . if you have any issue you can properly follow the steps get credit now .

how do i apply in Kotak for pay day loan ?

If you are using the kotak mahindra app you have to go to the main pannel on the kotak app and click on the pay day loan on instant bases today you can get 3 steps on your pay day loan offer .

 payday loan in kotak mahindra bank
payday loan in kotak mahindra bank

1.authantic for loan

2. select the loan

3. get credit

authenticate for payday loan in kotak mahindra bank

you wil get the some basics steps and you will get the 3 strps on your page now you need to fill the details on the name and date of birth and your current salary now you will get full fill the step on then you will be redirect the 2 page now .

select the loan amount

you need to select the loan amount on the your pay day loan process its a one day process for your loan now and you will get the now .

you can get up to 50 % of your salary because there is no need for any civil record and anything else for the process now .

you will get loan instant now after coming next salary than you can pay your loan amount automatically now because they will automatically deduction on your account now .

best bank for pay day instant loan ?

according to me Kotak Mahindra bank is the one of the best online bank in India now a days if you are looking for best bank for online support this can be the number one and you will get pay day loan with the kotak Mahindra bank fastly .
kotak always give you the best support now and they will give you amount of 50% of your salary now .

payday loan interest rates India

You will pay interest for your pay day loan up to 2.39% for sure all of the bank will deduct you same interest on all payment and payment duration will be less than 3 week you can get now loan on your pay day scale work .

payday loans in india without credit check

you don’t need to credit check for pay day loan they will approved your loan on based on current salary now your salary half payment will be credit as loan on your account with in 24 hour .

first time personal loans no credit history in india

Kotak Mahindra provide first time loan on the salary who have no good salary and you can get loan because if you have no good credits you never get salary on your account .

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