how to create a youtube channel

you can create a youtube channel

you can create a youtube channel. it’s me, Aditya , from the blog of “the maintained ” and I’m gonna show you how to get your channel started quickly and easily.
you can create it and i am here to show you how can we create youtube channel now creat your passion in the videos. if you have any kind of passion to show in the world

you can create a youtube channel now, you can get success in this youtube life. everyone has all the same opportunities to start your channel as well as top listed channel.
you can spent a lot of effort to start your channel and create your content unique now.

What’s great about YouTube is it’s a platform where you can have a voice and share and build communities using video.
I started on my blog where i can explain all type of new content for YouTube. where you could have a place to express yourself and my favorite looks.
Over the years, the community has grown which has blown my mind.

how to start a youtube channel
content for youtube

resolve channel name

you can chosse resolve channel name it’s difficulties to discover that how can a start a unique channel . in this time, it is not easy to get a unique but you can start similar
channel with new ways and new trick and fresh and updated ways.

All of you have a passion to share and something to say and I’m going to show you how easy it is to become a creator on YouTube.

So, let’s get started

how to start a youtube channel

The first basic step is to sign in to YouTube using a Google account.
To create a channel, go into your account “Settings” and click “Create a new channel”.
The channel name will default to your first and last name but if you want to create a channel with a different name. click on
‘Use a business or other name’ and you’ll be prompted to create a brand account.

Brand accounts allow you to pick a specific name and let multiple people access your channel as managers . which is cool when you eventually
have people helping you out.
you can deside a unique name for your topics what you want to share on youtube prior your keywords on your channel name and keywords matter for you to reached out of your chanel .

if I am using my name “Aditya Sharma” so it is amazing to me people search me by my name.

but The name worked much better for me because it clearly communicated what my channel was about.

And that is pretty much the first step in getting started on YouTube . what are you waiting for there’s an audience desperate to hear what
you have to say start your channel now .

choose only one

tips to start your channel

tips#1- start without think

so amazingly ,there are still some people out who are thinking to start a youtube channel now .my advice to you is ,you are ready or not this time for start your youtube channel now. i am not telling you this new year’s resolution .if you are passoinate about take youtube so go for it rather then don’t go for it.becasue if you want to do new work in life like that you always face hagitate abd procasinate .

and there are thoughts of videos upload on youtube right now there is much competition here to share your views on youtube but if you are talented so that you definitely be popular on youtube and gobbling up all your potential audience .you don’t want that.

feel the fear today record your videos now don’t think anything else now . don’t thing how can i start and don’t think how people react on me.

if you want to do anything else in your life, people all of the times laughing on you why are you thinking about that people react on me or laugh on me

tips#2- how Youtuber work start

the chances is that ,you create a first video you will be suck . fantastic , you have made a first video on youtube , and stay try to upload videos on youtube after 6 month later. when you look back on your first video you definatly thinking about your first how was i when i record video .

don’t think how people react on you people is always do only two work people laugh on you people laugh with you

tips#3- find your perfect niche

find your perfect niche, while getting some personal experience on youtube. and then choose your area where you want to hit and choose the best area where you can go easily and get perfect choice to start your channel now.

Who is your target audience? Again, try and be as specific as possible. What age range? What gender, if you are going to a particular gender? What type of demographic? What are they interested in?

You need to know who’s going to watch your content?. And even more crucially, why should they watch your content? There are millions of gaming channels out there, hundreds of thousands of Fortnite channels out there. How are you going to distinguish your content from everybody else . who’s already on YouTube making content?. You need to disrupt the status quo, not join it, because you’ll never be seen.

And finally, how are you going to deliver this content?. Is it going to be every day, once a week, at a particular time of the day?. Think about when your audience is most likely to watch YouTube, and how much YouTube .they can watch per week, and then tailor your content to those watching habits. and think about whether you’re going to do a video on demand, live streams. what’s going to be best for you and your audience?

we have a perfect plan for you if you are searching on youtube and google what type of content i should start on youtube tell me your problem then we have a proper youtube fresh content for you .

enjoy the youtube life create a youtube channel ,and get a most profit in this field .make money ,make name, and being celebrities as well as any kind of cebs

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