Vanderbilt graduate course catalog 2021

The COVID-19 lockdown period had realized everyone, the importance of digitalization of services and innovation of new technologies. It already has risen the necessity of online courses for graduates throughout the world. Various online platforms are providing courses for free or paid. Here we discuss some of most the Vanderbilt graduate course catalog for the post COVID period.

What are the best online courses for graduates?

Online learning is the new future of education that is cheaper and more convenient to avail. Here are some best online courses for graduates to learn deep knowledge and skill so that they would be ready for new employment opportunities offered by industries…

1.Digital Services courses: Cloud computing, Digital payment system, Digital marketing, Social media handling, Affiliate marketing, e-Commerce sites, App development, Graphic designing, Cyber Security:

Vanderbilt graduate course catalog

The COVID-19 period widens the opportunity for Cloud Computing and digital services. One can handle their work from one’s home. Social distancing promotes digital payment technology further, at the same time, Cyber Security professionals also very much needed for digital service industries.

Mobile and digital technology based online courses will be a big hit.

This pandemic period has emphasis the online shopping again that is why eCommerce site courses are at the boom.

2. Artificial Intelligence courses.

3. Business analysis or Data Science.

4. Machine learning with Python.

Above three courses are in demand because of the advancement in internet-based industry and huge demand for the professional in these areas.

Vanderbilt graduate course catalog

5. Robotics.

Here, with the eCommerce sites, contactless delivery is also required. Therefore various home delivery apps and sites are using drones for delivery. Various industries are investing in the robotics for drones and robots for human care. Amazon will also start the delivery of their order by drones in near future.

6. Stock market.

The stock market, nowadays, is the very preferable choice, not only for Graduates but for any person with little accounts knowledge. Online courses are available on the various online platform including NSE, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., the most authentic platform to learn about trading and handling stocks. Another are Sharekhan and IFMC Institute.

Vanderbilt graduate course catalog for Renewable energy.

The requirement for renewable energy generation is one of the top priority of governments and international organisations. There are various government online courses are available like The European Energy Center, EEC is proving following online courses:

  • Renewable energy management and finance course
  • Solar photovoltaic qualification course
  • Electric vehicle course
  • Solar water heating course
  • Energy storage course
  • Biomass course
  • Wave and hydropower course. etc…

Entry requirements, courses are available to everyone throughout the world, but one should have an interest in renewable energy subject. The module of courses is started from the basic.

Other International and national online platforms are Solar Energy International (, World Economic Forum (WEF), UNITAR for sustainable development, GSES India, National Power Training Institute, India, Vanderbilt graduate course catalog and Free Online courses etc… one can choose any of the most authentic platforms for the online learning of renewable energy.

What are the best online course’s platforms?

Online learning platform provides complete resources for learning. It is providing online classes, study material, guidance and certificates too.

Here are some most popular online learning platforms; these platforms don’t provide free online learning and charged as per course. ( only 30 days trial period is provided free.)

1. Udemy

2. Coursera

3. WileyPlus

4. Linkdin learning

5. TalentLMS

6. Skillshare


8. Learnworld

9. Skillsoft

10. Mindtool etc…

Courses for Robotics and Renewable resources are not available in the above platforms, but they have their separate online and offline platforms like-

edX, the construct, sproboticwork for Robotics.

iacharya silicon, Stanford renewable energy, info eco ca for Renewable Resource course.

Advantages of Online Courses: Vanderbilt graduate course catalog

One can learn any of the desired skill without moving to school or college, the international and national platforms are reachable online.

It reduces the overall cost as no travel is required.

Live Video lesson, live individual tutorial, course material and remote exams are available to each student irrespective of location or nationality.

Most of the online courses are available in multilingual.

There is a choice to study on weekdays or on weekends, therefore suitable for working professional or students or homemakers.

One can study whenever and wherever he/she wants, at his/her own pace and work around other commitments.

One can reach and learn from the best international tutor or expert.

What are free online courses and platforms?

Vanderbilt graduate course catalog (MOOC).org, an extension of, provides free online courses available to anyone. It provides affordable skill learning in the above-suggested courses too. One can avail: Vanderbilt graduate course catalog

  • programming course,
  • corporate learning course,
  • management course,
  • higher studies,
  • career development course
  • Engineering course
  • and more from

Here are some online Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Moodle
  • Sakai
  • ATutor
  • Schoology
  • Dokeos
  • iTunes U
  • Myicourse
  • Coggno
  • CourseSites(Blackboard for business) etc…

Pros and Cons of Free Online courses:

Pros of free online courses are available free of cost to users and one can adjust his/her budget for the course.

if one wants to avail more personalize course then he/she can upgrade the course as per terms given.

Cons of these Vanderbilt graduate course catalog, they have limited features.

They are mostly for public use so they are needed to be customized by paying more and upgrading them.

In some cases, they are outdated and not so user friendly. There may be no more online guidance and query solution.

( Vanderbilt graduate course catalog )

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