What is digital marketing and network marketing?

What is digital marketing and network marketing? is the part of marketing anyone product and services anywhere in the whole world . here you can find the real mean of digital marketing and network marketing in india .

what is digital marketing ?

What is digital marketing and network marketing
What is digital marketing and network marketing

digital marketing is the process where you will get any thing on internet and on your device to handle it call the digital marketing . in other words digital marketing contain a part in blogging , social media marketing , website development , freelancing , graphics design , etc.

in digital marketing , blogging is the highest key skill part to grow in the carrier like this situation in our country . you can get work online from anywhere if you have good knowledge you will get support to survive in life .

top 5 option in digital marketing

  1. blogging
  2. web development
  3. graphic design
  4. Youtube
  5. Freelancing

future of digital marketing in India

i think , digital marketing will be top of the best carrier option in India in next 10 year because internet penetration is going to high now in India and as well as users come on internet to get knowledge so it will be the future in India .

but during lockdown , have a low carrier option in India you can start your digital marketing carrier now because i started my carrier in digital marketing at 2018 but now i am doing good in my life .

What is network marketing ?

network marketing is the process in MLM ( multi level marketing ) where you can join with your ID and start connecting people on your chain system i think you heard about the MLM companies in your locality .

vestige , AWPL , forever , all of the companies is MLM companies and called the process is network marketing .

network marketing mean is where you add the people to purchase products and refer to use the companies products is network marketing .

is it possible to set up a carrier in network marketing ?

yes , you can set up your carrier in network marketing but at starting i will aware you about the fraud network marketing companies most of the companies run away from the office with your earned money whatever you earned in your life .

you can do but you need to know you must follow the big chain and big company ever you can setup carrier in this marketing company .

but most of the people said about the network marketing is multiple earning platform where you can grow more than every thing if you will add the good users in your chain you will earn double in your earning .

What is digital marketing and network marketing?

ditial marketing is the way you can do anywhere in the whole world you just need to switch the mindset and tools you will be changed on it .

but if you are doing network marketing you can not go out of the country and city anywhere because when you will join the company you have to go in seminar and meeting plans also.

Most Search Queries on google

1.why not to do network marketing ?

most of the cases you will got fraud in your company you will get wrong direction in your network marketing company .

you will work for others not for you so they could leave you alone if you are not agree with the team .

2. what are the best network marketing company in India ?

according to me vestige is the best company because one of my known people in vestige like sonu sharma so i will refer for the vestige if you have good you can go with that company .

3.Which is better network marketing or digital marketing ?

according to me , digital marketing is better for female and male because you can do at your home you don’t need to contact people from anywhere .

4.network marketing salary per month in India ?

we can’t say about the salary in India now but it’s a process in chain and you need to connect people in your team than you will get good amount of money in India .

but according to me you can easily earn 1 lakh per month in India with network marketing .

5.What is digital marketing strategy ?

There is nothing important in digital marketing but you need to chosse best work in digital marketing and you will choose the good what you can do easily with your mindset today

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