what is kanyashree prakalpa in 2021

kanyashree prakalpa is the policy of west bengal and you can get these benefits from the government of west bengal and if you are a girl you can get good support now.

kanyashree prakalpa started in which year

kanyashree prakalpa was started in 2012 by the government of west Bengal and it will help all of the 13-19-year-old government will help to distributed scholarship for all girls and they will promote all the girl’s education in our state.

government launched the scheme for girls if you are 13 -18 years you can get 500 annually schemes for girls who belongs to proper teenagers so still, you can apply on government websites also.

kanyashree prakalpa
kanyashree prakalpa

if you have more than 18 years want to study you will get 25000 for your education at all. because some of the girls want not marriage at an earlier age they need a job and study.

they can do education properly with this 25000 amount it will only for who actually need support in west Bengal and you will get perfect government plan today.

what is Kanyashree prakalpa K2 amount ?

kanyashree prakalpa (k2 ) is the amount if you have more than 18 years ago and you want to do hire study and want to drop the process of marriage you can get good benefits from the government.

this amount is 25000 whatever is good and will help to do anything else so you can do whatever you need yo do in your life.

Kanyashree Prakalpa contact number

Officials and Staffs

Sl.No.DesignationContact details
01DPM, Kanyashree Prakalpa, North 24 Parganas033-2584-6348
02Kanyashree Section, DPMU, North 24 Parganas033-2584-6242
03DPM, Kanyashree Prakalpa, North 24 Parganas8697981616

this is the details of the kanyashree prakalpa contact number you can call here at any office time in the morning 8 am to 5 pm in the evening so you can contact only office timing.

how do I get money from kanyashree ?

if you want to money from kanyashree scheme you can apply if you are a female you can apply here you can get your age or education behalf scheme.

because if you are in k1 series you can get 750 rs . so if you are under the following age of k2 you can get 25000 money from the side of the government now.

how do I check my k2 payment status?

on the main panel of government, you will get the helpdesk portal and fill your customer id and all details. after that, you will get your details on the portal.

how can I find my kanyashree ID number?

when you will fil the details on your portal you will get after submitting your application you can check on your application also on your portal.
if you did not get after it you can reapply your application also you will get perfect solution on the portal about the status.

how do I use kanyashree k3 ?

you are in your college if you have done your undergraduate you can get the benefits from the k3 and you have to apply in your post-graduation .

the government will help you to do education not showing your personality and anything else purpose. do follow UG and PG programs with it. you will get definitely it.

who is eligible in kanyashree ?

if you are a girl you are unmarried also you can get this opportunities with the government of west Bengal .

your age must be under 19 if you are doing education you will get definitely.

kanyashree ID number search by name?

you will get about your application status about the ID or name with it you will do the same search on the portal you can check anytime.

kanyashree k2 forms 2021pdf download

when you will go to the portal you will fill in your ID you can get the option there to download your pdf of the k2 form.

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